What Does Stress Do To Our Healthy Skin? 3 Undiscovered Facts


Just like other intoxicants, stress is harmful to our skin. Do you want to know why? Read this blog by the best Ecocert organic cosmos certified brand in town.

We all experience stress at some point in our lives. During stressful times, it is common for us to go through physical as well as emotional side effects. One should never let it steal our beauty. Certain affordable skin care products in India help us to reduce the signs of stress but they don’t remove them completely.

1. Impacts Of Emotional Stress On Skin

Unfortunately, we don’t consider our mental health as important as our physical health. Depression, anger and anxiety- all these have a significant effect on our health. Out body goes through a chemical response at times of stress which eventually results in skin issues. Rising production of cortisol- a stress hormone can lead to more oil production.  

Such an influx of stress hormones makes our skin more reactive, sensitive, and prone to acne. Furthermore, it also causes hives along with skin reactions. Always keep natural skin care products by your side if you want to combat stress in an organic way. 

2. Effects Of Product-Inflicted Stress On Skin

During a period of anxiety, you can also find it difficult to maintain consistency with healthy habits. This also includes sticking to your everyday self-care routine. Everything from your healthy breakfast to your morning jog gets affected. However, it is critical to change your skincare products when your skin itself changes. 

You do not have to switch up your complete routine. Just take a note of the few important additions. For example, switch your high-end facewash with a soothing neem & turmeric face wash. Similarly, look out for products that are simply making your skin worse and replace them. 

3. Environmental Tension And Skin

Environmental tension is another kind of stress that can also affect our skin. Toxins, pollution and such environmental factors take a toll on the skin. And even if you are emotionally balanced, your skin doesn’t work that way. 

A bunch of organic products can help you combat environmental stress on the skin. These are:

  • An organic face cleanser for the face
  • The best organic body lotion for the body
  • Organic night cream for removing all the stress gently


When your skin is going through a rough phase, the best possible option is to use certified organic skin care products in India. Buy affordable skin care products in India exclusively at Naija Organic. You can also shop their products online at Nykaa, Myntra, and Amazon.

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