What Are Some Common Skin Problems That We Deal With Every Day?


Our skin is the most exposed area of our body. It is common that it deals with tons of problems. Read this blog and know about some skin care products in India.

Even the smallest acne can make our face look dull. We must take care of our skin, especially during extreme weather conditions. The use of certified organic skin care products in India can avoid certain serious skin damage. Let’s discover more. 

4 Common Skin Care Problems 

1. Acne 

It is probably the most common skin condition. From teens to adults, from Indians to Canadians- acne is something that concerns everyone. 

Causes: Blocked hair follicles and oil glands are the top causes of acne. The term acne not necessarily refers to pimples only. Cysts, nodes, and blackheads on our faces are also signs of acne. 

Treatment: Your dermatologist will be the right person for medical treatment. However, for a home remedy, you can use a neem & turmeric face wash

2. Sunburn

Another very common skin condition is sunburn. These occur due to too much exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

Symptoms: Sunburn often causes the skin to turn red and painful. Also, it is very hot to touch and may sometimes even peel away. 

Treatment: A medical diagnosis of sunburn may cost you highly. Make sure to take a cool shower with mild soap immediately. Additionally, a natural face wash for dry skin will also be beneficial. 

3. Contact Dermatitis 

It is a type of eczema that usually comes from toxic plants, latex gloves as well as jewelry. 

Causes: Contact dermatitis happens mostly when we touch something that emerges into a skin reaction. 

Treatment: You can control the symptoms by oral or topical steroids along with colloidal oatmeal baths. Applying an organic face cleanser will do no harm. 

4. Sun Allergy 

Sun allergy is different from sunburn. This one may cause hives every time you are out in the sun. 

Causes: Allergies may occur due to certain medications. Sun sensitivity can also lead to sun allergy disorder. 

Treatment: Avoid medications including ketoprofen and antibiotics like minocycline and doxycycline. The biggest treatment is to use a sunscreen rich in natural skin care products

To Sum Up

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