Valentine’s Day 2022: Cocoa Butter The New Secret For Your Skin!


Just like chocolate is good to eat, cocoa is perfect for the skin. This Valentine’s choose certified organic skin care products in India made from cocoa butter.

Everyone deserves flawless skin. And what’s better than chemical-free products to make your skin essentially glow? Naija Organic sells authentic Ecocert organic cosmos certified products rich in natural ingredients like cocoa butter. Have a look!

The Advantages Of Cocoa Butter For Your Soft Skin

Rife with fatty acids, cocoa butter is a stupendous moisturizer. Check out its advantages below. 

  • A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants

Cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants that help us fight free-radical harm. Moreover, the latter may result in skin aging, dull skin, and dark patches. Securing your skin from free-radical damages is significant for keeping it young and healthy. Cocoa butter also has anti-inflammatory properties which assist your skin to withstand time passage. 

  • Cuts Out Scars And Stretch Marks

Women have to face the curse of stretching marks after pregnancy. A lot of women claim that everyday use of cocoa butter reduces stretch marks and also prevents spots on the skin. No matter how anecdotal these claims are, you can always try cocoa butter organic night cream

  • Acts As A Rich Moisturizer 

As already said, cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids. Additionally, it hydrates the skin deeply, thereby making it an amazing addition to lip balms and body moisturizers. All essential moisturizing agents that the skin needs like palmitic and stearic acids are present in cocoa butter. 

Naija Organic’s Selection Of Cocoa Butter Products

  1. Organic Cocoa Butter Cream

This luxurious natural day cream has the touch of cocoa butter. Besides cocoa butter, this cream also has drops of organic evening primrose oil, argan oil and vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba seed. 

  1. The Elegant Bathing Bliss Combo

Buy this elegant bathing bliss combo this Valentine’s day. It consists of a pomegranate body wash, green apple body lotion, cocoa butter mini cream, and pomegranate and lime soap. Elevate your bathing experience with this combo which has the richness of cocoa butter. 

  1. Naija Citrus Bath Care Combo

This citrus bath care combo also has cocoa butter day cream in its mini pack. Along with it, you get narangi and chamomile body wash, lavender neroli body lotion, and also orange soap. Treasure your loved ones by presenting them with this essential bath care combination. 


Naija’s valentine’s day sale is going live. Do not miss out on the opportunity of showing love to your significant other. Buy affordable skin care products in India from them and also, give someone the goodness of natural ingredients. Therefore, find the best organic body wash in India and soaps at extremely convenient prices.

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