Top Tips To Follow When You Want To Take Care Of Your Oily Skin!


Oily skin is a common problem these days due to dirt, dust, and pollution. Know how organic skin care products in India are effective to treat your usual oily skin. 

However, pollution is not the only cause of oily skin. There are other reasons as well which we are going to discover in this blog. When you want to treat your oily skin gently, there’s nothing better than natural skin care products

Top 5 Causes Of An Oily Skin

1. Genes

Oily skin can be a result of your mom and dad’s oily skin. One may have oily skin as a result of their genes. The reason is larger sebaceous glands that emit excessive oil are a hereditary characteristic. It passes on in the family tree. In such a case, you may choose the best face wash for oily skin

2. Poor Diet 

Your diet says a lot about your skin. Indulging in foods such as sugar, dairy, and refined carbohydrates may cause oily skin. No matter how yummy these foods are, frequent consumption of these may result in overactive sebum production. It may also accompany a greasy sheen in your skin. 

3. Cosmetics

Using a lot of high-end cosmetic products also causes oily skin. This is why one must use products that are Ecocert organic cosmos certified

Remedies To Treat Oily Skin 

  • Consuming abundant Vitamin E and C daily is the most effective way to treat oily skin. 
  • Use an organic night cream that is not oily. It must be a gel-based one. 
  • Wash your face with a mild, organic face cleanser or an organic face wash at least twice a day.
  • Carefully understand the difference between multitasking makeup products and affordable skin care products in India
  • If your body emits excessive amounts of oil, then you must opt for the best organic body lotion
  • Keep a minimalist beauty routine. Opt for an organic toner that can be an ideal face mist after makeup application. 
  • Drink lots of water. H2O is effective not only for treating dry skin but also oily and sensitive skin. 
  • Last but not least, opt for homemade organic face masks. For oily skin, mud and clay are must-haves. They absorb excess oil and also clear out impurities. 


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