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“Frizzy Hair, Don’t Care!”

You can’t keep hiding behind this renowned slogan and avoid taking actual care of your frizz – because let’s face it, despite the fact we love warm weather and trips to ice cream parlours, nobody likes frizzy hair!

As we move ahead in this blog, you’ll learn about ‘what causes Frizzy hair’, ‘how to get rid of them’ and ‘how to prevent them in the future’. Having frizzy hair is very common nowadays, almost everyone is dealing with them – especially when it’s monsoon and you know the struggle, right?

Now that we understand the issue, let’s head over to learn what causes frizz!

What causes Frizz, anyway?

Well, to narrow it down, frizziness is caused due to lack of moisture in the hair, which leads our hair to seek out and absorb moisture from the air around it, resulting in frizz. Now you understand why our frizzy hair gets worse during humid weather.

To elaborate, there are certainly other factors as well that make our hair look more frizzy and dry, which entails:

  • You dry your hair with a rough towel – wrapping your hair with a bath towel right after a shower can draw moisture out of the hair quickly and eventually lead to frizz. If your hair is curly, it can also lead to deformed coils with entangled hair, making it hard for you to manage it further.
  • Washing your hair too frequently? This could be a major reason for excessive dryness and frizzy hair. Washing hair multiple times a week can make your natural oils present in the scalp wash away, leaving them dry and dull, looking frizzy.
  • Did get a haircut for some time now? Another reason is that your hair ends may be brittle and damaged – with split ends and rough tresses. The longer the spilt ends are present in your hair, the more damage it creates, making it brittle and rough.

These are a few reasons that lead our hair to look dry and frizzy. But how do we cure it, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

Want to get rid of Frizzy Hair? Here’s how!

The experts at Naija Organic have rounded up some effective hair care tips and strategies on how to get rid of frizzy hair, especially during Monsoon season. Here are a few tips and home remedies that will help you tame your frizz.

  1. Cold water rinse for Hair

Showering at a lower temperature is known to be better for hair and even skin, preventing them from drying excessively. Our experts recommend giving your hair a cold water rinse to ensure it locks the hair cuticles. If you’re not willing to give up on your hot water showers – once completed, turn down the temperature of the water and allow your hair to finish with a refreshing cold water rinse. That should do the trick!

  • It’s time for Conditioning Shampoo

Start building moisture content in your hair with the right moisturizing products. Shampoos tend to over-dry your hair, so it’s necessary to add conditioners to your hair care regimen and if not, get introduced to conditioning shampoos that help to tame the hair. When you’re in the shower, it’s easiest to prevent frizziness as a conditioning shampoo helps to hydrate, detangle the hair and realign strands.

  • Detangle Hair with a wide-toothed comb

Did you know that using the wrong comb can leave your hair cuticles rough, leading to frizz? A wide-toothed comb plays a vital role for frizz-prone hair as they have more space for hair to pass through the bristles, preventing breakage. With this, it is also recommended to wash your hair comb frequently (at least once every two weeks), in order to, reduce the chances of dust and produce residue getting back to your hair.

  • Hair Serums to the rescue!

Silicones present in serums make it a wonder product for frizz-prone hair. Serums are effective at taming frizz as they help realign hair strands, leaving them with a soft feel.

Tip: Hair serums are usually recommended to be applied coin-sized, on damp hair from hair mid to lengths. Do not apply serums to the roots of the hair.

  • It’s the right time to invest in a Silk Pillowcase

It might give you a ‘pretty girls’ moment’ but they’re more effective to combat frizz and taming hair fibres than just their soft touch. While you’re tossing and turning at night, your standard cotton pillowcase can create more friction in your hair, making them frizzy and leading to tangles and breakage. While silk is a gentle fabric that will help contain your natural oils and reduce the friction and damage to hair.

Tip: Trying satin wraps and satin scrunchies can also help reduce frizz in the hair.

  • Is it time for your Haircut?

Tried everything but still facing frizziness? Maybe it’s time for a haircut! Getting your hair trimmed regularly ensures clean tresses and removes the dry, rough ends and split ends if you have any. It makes your hair looks healthy and it is recommended to visit your hairstylist for a trim every eight weeks or so. Our experts also advise you to go for a haircut based on your hair type and length.

  • Leave your hair alone!

You might be wondering, probably not very great advice – but hear us out. Your hands might be the culprit for your frizzy hair. Running fingers through hair, again and again, creates friction and makes them frizzy, especially in wavy and curly textured hair. Avoid touching your hair and if they tend to fall on your face, secure them with hair clips and away from your face.

  • Glycerin is your friend

When we hear about Organic products, we instantly know they will be enriched with the goodness of Glycerin. It helps to combat frizz by penetrating the hair and nourishing and hydrating it from deep within. Naija Organic ensures to curate sulphate-free formulas to create a protective coating to help lock in moisture, particularly for dry and frizz-prone hair.

Wrapping Up

Not sure where to begin your Organic journey? Let us help you! Naija Organic has a customized range ofOrganic Shampoos & Conditioners, infused with the brilliant goodness of natural ingredients and potent herbs, for all hair types and weather conditions. Enhance your quality of hair with the effective formulas Naija Organic has to offer you – so that you experience soft, shiny and healthy hair all year long.

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