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This Women’s Day Make Her Feel Special With Inspiring Beauty Gifts

Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is around the corner. Get ready to pamper yourself with affordable skin care products in India exclusively from Naija Organic. Know more. 

Ecocert organic cosmos certified products make you confident about yourself. Make sure to love yourself and gift your special woman the best natural skin care products. Read this blog till the end to discover more.

Naija Organic’s Gifting Solution For Women’s Day

Naija Combo

Combo sets are the most optimum gift because of their multipurpose quality. Check out some amazing combo sets from Naija Organic:

  • Naija Bathing Bliss Combo

This wondrous combo consists of a pomegranate body wash online, lime and pomegranate organic soap online, Bangalore, and green apple body lotion. Additionally, it also consists of cocoa butter mini cream. 

  • Naija Citrus Bath Care Combo

The secret products in this combo will definitely blow your mind. Here, you get the best chamomile body wash online, orange best organic soap in India. In addition, it has a lavender neroli body lotion and cocoa butter mini cream. 

  • An All-purpose Skin Care Combo

This combo has neem and turmeric face wash and oudh-green tea mini best organic body wash in India. Moreover, you also get a  cocoa buttercream intact. 

Naija’s Retail Gifting 

Naija Retail gifting consists of a combinative brilliance of body and hair care products. Check them out here:

  • Naija Body & Hair Care Essential

Each gift box contains a Bhingraj organic shampoo for hair loss, green tea, and oudh body wash. Furthermore, it also has an essential tea tree oil which is a perfect blend of certified organic skin care products in India. 

  • Naija Skin & Hair Care Essential

In this gifting box, you get one amla mulethi shampoo as well as an amla mulethi organic hair conditioner. Also, you get a neem turmeric organic face wash and a lemongrass soap. 

  • Naija Skin Care Essential

Buy this gifting box if you want a saffron-lemon organic face cleanser, green apple body lotion, and aloe vera tea tree cream. 

To Sum Up

When it comes to pampering yourself, there is nothing better than organic skin care products in India. Get in touch with Naija Organic whether you want an organic night cream or the best hair conditioner in India. They are a complete store with the widest selection of natural skin care and hair care products.


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