These Natural Acne Fixes Can Actually Make Your Skin Look Better!


Nobody likes waking up to an unwelcome zit. Using natural skin care products can help you control them. But if you want to remove them permanently, read this blog.

Acne spares no individual and it occurs due to a variety of factors from stress to hormones. However, there is a whole arsenal of certified organic skin care products in India for your rescue. And among them, the most popular ones come with natural ingredients. Check out some of them here. 

Organic Ingredients That Are Mystically Acne Fixes 

1. Tea Tree Oil

 A lot of research has shown that tea tree oil is arguably the best solution for a natural pimple fix. It has antimicrobial properties, along with anti-inflammatory agents. Tea tree oil significantly reduces irritation and redness, enables unclogging of pores and kills acne-causing bacteria. Try Naiija’s Aloe Vera-Tea Tree Oil Hydration And Skin Repair Cream which has immense goodness. Not only does it nourish your skin, but also repairs it. 

2. Green Tea 

Being an organic ingredient, versatile green tea is everywhere. When it comes to soothing our skin, green tea has tons of crucial benefits. Skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis can be easily treated with green tea. Trace the virtue of green tea in Naija’s best organic body wash in India, organic oudh nourishing body wash

3. Lemon

Lemon is known for its advantage of deep cleansing and unclogging pores. Further, it avoids skin breakouts and damage by bacterial deposits. A pinch of lemon extract has antiseptic qualities that eventually kill bacteria leading to acne. An exemplary lemon product is Naija’s Saffron-Lemon skin reviving facewash. Reviews show that it is the best face wash for oily skin and also quick fixes acne.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the go-to ingredient for stimulating fibroblasts as well as for increasing collagen and elastin. As a potent antioxidant, it acts as a defensive barrier against harmful UV exposure. Now, the goodness of aloe vera is infused in Naija’s Organic Aloe Vera And Mint Soap. You are just a step away from getting the clearest skin. 


Don’t settle for products that compromise your skin glow. Get affordable skin care products in India from Naija Organic and notice a visible difference in you. Shop for their Ecocert organic cosmos certified face washes and creams today. 

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