The Right Order to Apply Skincare Products

Right Order to Apply Skincare

We all love our skin and we wish to give them the best treatment possible, be it a home remedy or skincare products. We choose them wisely and often pay hefty amounts to them to ensure quality. But, a small mistake of ours can ruin the entire treatment regime. Thus, the right action should be backed by the right knowledge and for this, it is important for us to know the right sequence in which we should apply these skincare products.

Uses of Skincare Products:

Makeup Remover-

First of all, we should remove any artificial layer of cosmetics that is covering the natural layer so that the subsequent products can reach the skin and act on it as per the requirement. An apt make-up remover should be chosen depending on the skin type. It should not lead to dryness, itchiness, or irritation and must sustain the natural oils of the skin.


Next in line, comes the scrub. Scrubbing is done to cleanse the pores from deep within, remove the dirt and excess oils accumulated in them. They help in exfoliating the outer dead cells so that new ones can take their place. But, again, a scrub should be gentle and made up of natural beads that must be gently massaged on the skin to avoid rashes or inflammation.


A face cleanser is applied gently to remove impurities, germs, dirt, or any left-over make-up from the skin. It is different for different skin types and should be used in the right frequency. It should not be harsh on the skin or make it feel squeaky clean as that would mean stripping the skin of its natural moisture.


A toner or an astringent is a solvent used to get rid of the excess oils of the skin, especially when it is acne-prone, without dehydrating it. It penetrates into the skin and further aids the removal of dead cells from the surface, leading to plump and glowing skin.


Next, you apply a serum or a mist. A serum is a blast of nutrients that is absorbed deep into the skin. Each one might have a specific concern to address, for e.g., acne, dry skin, brightness, or wrinkles. Some are meant to apply at the start of the day, while, others before bedtime. Mists contain additional humectant and emollient properties, while, essence prepares the skin to absorb moisturizer and other products in the line.

Spot Treatment-

This is where you apply your prescribed cream for treating dark spots, age spots, scars or wrinkles. These creams should not be chosen randomly. Rather, the advice of an expert dermatologist should be seeked for, before beginning any treatment.

Face Oil-

After applying the above products as per the need, come the face oils. Face oils are oils customized to work with our natural oils to help keep our skin balanced. They complement the natural oils and offer extra protection.


Before ending the tedious yet careful process of skincare, we apply a good moisturizer depending on the skin type. A moisturizer helps keep the moisture of the skin locked up and thus prevents it from drying, cracking or breaking out.


We culminate the process by applying an appropriate sunscreen, whether or not we are going out in the sun. It protects the skin from the harmful sun rays and UV rays, preventing oxidative damage due to free radicals. It also nourishes the skin, enriching it with the essential nutrients to stay healthy and glowing.

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