The Essential Advantages Of Benefits For The Perfect Skin Care


Being one of the most healing agents for the skin, chamomile adds up to the list of natural skin care products. This blog is all about its rejuvenating properties.

When we talk about chamomile, don’t think about chamomile tea. Because it is much more than that! We are well aware of the benefits of Ecocert organic cosmos certified on our skin. This is why Naija Organic has infused the goodness of chamomile in their products which will have an oozing effect on your skin. 

Chamomile And Its Use In Skin Care 

  • Chamomile, or cam-mo-mile as we pronounce it, is a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family. Descending from Western Asia and Europe, this absolute beauty has a slight apple taste and scent. Though it is a low-maintenance herb, chamomile is a common ingredient in most affordable skin care products in India. However, one cannot reap all the magnificent benefits of chamomile just by drinking it. 
  • It is a potent ingredient in skincare owing to its antioxidant apigenin properties. Ancient Greeks began the first use of chamomile on their skin for reducing irritation and redness. It was then that we started including it in most of our skincare regimes. Today, people use it to soothe inflammation and redness. Skin brightening benefits are simply an add-on to its other advantages. 
  • Moreover, the versatility of this wondrous herb is worth mentioning. Chamomile is not just some ordinary botanical plant. Along with being a refreshing beverage, it also promotes rest, aids in relaxation, and gives the essential care our skin deserves. 

Why Choose Naija Organic’s Chamomile Body Wash?  

Naija’s Chamomile and Narangi body wash is made up of organic skin care products in India. It has the virtue of Glycerin, organic orange oil, and Vitamin E. This gentle and refreshing natural body wash helps your skin to combat everyday challenges including dirt, dust, and pollution. If better cleaning of your skin is all that you really want, then this body wash is a perfect fit for you. 

The Key Benefits Of Chamomile Body Wash


  1. It serves as a natural anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial agent
  2. Potent skin lightening ingredient that hinders melanin synthesis 
  3. This essential body wash is rich in antioxidants
  4. Works on UV-induced skin damage and also helps in skin de-tanning
  5. Keeps the skin hydrated 

So, don’t refrain from acquiring the benefits of chamomile and other organic skin care products.


Get the most assorted range of certified organic skin care products in India only at Naija Organic. From organic face wash to organic night cream, they are the leaders in producing affordable products. So, what are you waiting for? 

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