The Beauty Of Flowers In Making Quintessential Beauty Ingredients


Loyal followers of the eco-beauty trend know the power of flowers in making beauty products. Learn more about certified organic skin care products in India.

Organic ingredients are all about giving up on synthetic chemicals with plants and flower extracts. In different cultures across the world, flowers are the most demanded natural remedies for ailments. From organic night cream to soaps and facewash, we can find the floral touch almost everywhere.

Flowers Generally Used In Beauty And Skin Care Products

1. Rose

Roses are red, but they are not only known for their beauty and smell. They are also popular for their intense hydrating properties which adds them to the list of anti-aging products. Rose heals broken veins as well as calms sunburns or inflammations. 

Naija Organic is one of the brands that believe in the supremacy of organic ingredients. In fact, you can find rose extracts in their organic rose soap. By far, it has been the best organic soap in India

2. Chamomile

While talking about chamomile, we often think of tea. However, chamomile carries a long history of medicinal uses which eventually dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties are some of the popular qualities of chamomile.

You can acquire the goodness of this elegant flower in Naija’s moisturizing chamomile body wash. Being the best organic body wash in India, this product is a must-have for everyone. You can also find it on multiple e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Myntra, and Amazon

3. Lavender

A flower that is very common in spa treatments as well as aroma therapy. Lavender is a flower famous for its relaxing and calming effect. You can find traces of lavender in the best organic body lotion and organic face wash

Experts at Naija Organic are of the opinion that it boosts cell renewal. Because of this, lavender usually makes up the list of scars and wrinkle-removing products. Besides, it also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory advantages just like chamomile. 

Is It A Good Idea To Use Flower-Made Beauty Products?

Nature does wrong to none! Thus, the simple answer to this question is, YES! You must always opt for natural skin care products that have the goodness of flowers. The additional advantage you get is the sweet smell that drives you crazy for them.


When looking for organic elements, don’t miss out on the largest Ecocert organic cosmos certified brand, Naija Organic. Keeping your beauty requirements in mind, the professionals here produce and manufacture affordable skin care products in India. These products are also available at Nykaa, Myntra, and Amazon, so grab yours soon!

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