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Orange Skin Radiant Soap

Quantity: 100gm

Gleam and glow with the natural blend of organic orange extract that brightens, detannes and clarifies your skin leaving it smooth and radiant.


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A natural organic skin lightening Orange beauty bar packed with the richness of organic orange extract along with glycerin that aids in reducing skin pigmentation and dark spots for maintaining spot-free skin. Additionally, it also acts as a UV protectant and detanes your skin to appear clear and radiant.

Additional information

Weight0.137 kg
Dimensions9.1 × 5.7 × 2.7 cm

Active Ingredients

Orange (Citrus X sinensis)
  • Anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant present in oranges, provides direct shielding of UV radiation and counteracts skin hyperpigmentation of solar lentigo and improves appearance of skin.
  • The bioflavonoids such as hesperidin and naringin neutralise the reactive oxygen radicals that damages the skin and reduces skin pigment melanin resulting in a healthy and vibrant skin.
  • The ferulic acid present in oranges repairs UV induced skin damage and detannes the skin.
  • The B vitamins present in oranges prevent skin aging and inhibits melanin synthesis.
  • The vitamin C present in oranges improves skin collagen fibres and promotes skin elasticity.
Natural Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E serves as a rich source of anti-oxidant that scavenges oxidative radical damage to skin
    and protects skin from UV radiation ,as a natural photo protectant. from roundworms, thus avoiding infections.
  • Glycerine acts as an excellent cleanser and a toner that removes impurities from your skin.
  • Prevents water loss from the skin surface and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Acts as an emollient that softens and smoothens your skin


Potent antioxidant
● Rich in Vitamin C
● Counteracts skin hyperpigmentation
● Repairs UV induced skin damage and detannes the skin.
● Prevents skin ageing and inhibits melanin synthesis.
● Improves skin collagen fibres and promotes skin elasticity

Directions to use

  • Apply soap foam, rinse it thoroughly with water and pat dry

20 reviews for Orange Skin Radiant Soap

  1. Sharmi Kapoor

    Wow!! Loved it

  2. Rashmi Gowda

    Very nice & natural soap. Makes my skin softer.

  3. Bhuvi Patil

    The best soap ever with great fragrance…my skin is very sensitive and I always worry about using new products, but this soap is doing wonders on my skin…

  4. Manoj K

    It’s a great product. Love it. Cleanses thoroughly.

  5. Pragathi

    Feels fresh after a bath, so good. Amazing fragrance.

  6. Raksha Bhat

    Good product. I like all Naija soaps.

  7. Agarwal

    Good quality soap , got on time delivery with great packaging .. The soap is wonderful .. Helps to reduce tan .. Keeps skin soft

  8. Abignya

    Amazing product, I loved It……

  9. Prajwal

    The soap is long lasting and the freshness too !!! NO chemicals added so it

  10. Uma nagraj

    Using this Orange peel soap for 3 months .. Very nice and adds a natural glow to my face

  11. Lavlesh

    Very effective to remove tan marks. Since am an outdoor person, it really helps me everyday!! Great going

  12. Jagan

    Very effective to remove tan marks. Since am an outdoor person, it really helps me everyday!! Great going

  13. GowriReddy

    Wonderful soap!! Definitely would recommend to my friends and family and gift to some too!!!

  14. Gowtham

    My skin feels bouncy and soft. Also I dnt have any skin irritations or rashes.

  15. Gowtham

    My skin feels bouncy and soft. Also I dnt have any skin irritations or rashes.

  16. Mukesh

    I love this natural soap. Gives me just the right start of the day!! Very refreshing

  17. Faran

    We are using this soap from past few months and its been very nice. Moisturised skin for long hours.

  18. Pavana

    A good soap for all types of skin.

  19. Bhavya

    Really an amazing product . Really skin tone improved better

  20. Mukesh

    Product is very good and very soft and smooth for skin

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