Picking Right Ingredients Before Purchasing An Organic Face Wash


Do you ever check the key ingredients when buying an organic face cleanser? If not, then here are the reasons that will make you want to do so. Read more.

Cleansing is an integral step in our skin treatment. Perfect cleansing can be a blessing for your skin as it removes dirt and dead skin cells. We often end up buying the best face cleanser for oily skin but what we ignore is its ingredients. 

Ingredients Working Best For Acne-Prone Skin 

We trust an organic face wash to give a gentle solution for all our skin problems. There are tons of herbal plans that have a soft, cleansing property. Organics are becoming progressively famous. Furthermore, individuals know the threats associated with direct chemical exposure. 

1. Cucumber 

Cucumber has an ideal composition for producing the best face wash for oily skin. The cucurbitacin and lutein present in it reduce the skin’s melanin content. Moreover, it helps in skin hyperpigmentation and ultimately decreases dark spots. By exhibiting free radical scavenging properties, cucumber is the perfect ingredient your acne-prone skin needs. 

2. Neem and Turmeric 

Neem is an excellent agent for cleaning impurities and penetrating deep within the skin. On the other hand, turmeric possesses antibacterial properties that kills microbes. Hence, the combinative brilliance of neem & turmeric face wash makes it suitable for acne-prone skin. Vitamin E in neem acts as an emollient that helps in rejuvenating skin cells. 

3. Sandalwood 

Sandalwood ranks among other natural skin care products that heal acne-prone skin. It has been a proven ingredient for treating tons of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Ingredients Working Best For Dry Skin 

1. Honey 

Other potent ingredients loaded with proteins, vitamins and organic acids heal dry skin. The anti-microbial properties of honey make it a perfect fit for a natural face wash for dry skin

2. Saffron

Undoubtedly, saffron makes the best face wash for dry skin. It consists of anti-oxidant properties that have active components such as crocetin. Thus, your dry skin remains forever young with this magical ingredient. 

3. Lemon 

Finally, on our list of organic skin care products in India comes lemon. It is an essential ingredient that helps in the deep cleansing of the skin. Natural acids in lemon lighten age spots. 


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