Organic Skincare Set You Can Gift This Christmas


Christmas is all set to knock on our doors and everyone is just waiting with excitement to welcome the biggest global festivals. But it is also the peak of winter and you need to take care of your body and skin from the harshness of dry winter amidst the celebration.

Since Christmas is the occasion to exchange gifts, you must be wondering about finding the perfect gift hamper. Well, if you are one of those who are trying to find the perfect gift set, here is the one we suggest.

A complete winter skincare package!

Sounds interesting! For your information, this gift set is not just the ordinary skincare products you find in the market. These products are specially formulated by Naija Organics following the Ayurvedic traditions of India and made with ingredients picked from the original places in the Himalayas.

At Naija Organics, you can be assured of high-quality, truly natural, and organic beauty products. What can be better than gifting your loved ones with organic beauty products that are made with so much love and care?

What purpose do these products serve?


When it comes to taking care of your skin, the first step is always cleansing. But it’s not just about any cleanser – it’s about choosing the right one. During the winter, the cold, dry air can make your skin extra dry and sensitive. If you use the wrong cleanser, it can actually make your skin worse, leading to premature aging and wrinkles.

To avoid this, it’s a good idea to choose a gentler cleanser like Naija‚Äôs organic facewash that doesn’t have any paraben or alcohol. Alcohol-based cleansers often have a high pH level, which can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Opting for a natural, gentle alternative is the way to go.


Most people have a misconception about exfoliating. The popular belief is that exfoliating can make the skin even drier. However, it is not true if you exfoliate your skin in the right way and right frequency.

On top of that, you have to be extra careful during winter. Not only the outside condition but also the heater inside your home can suck the moisture out of your skin, leading to dryness and flakiness.

That is exactly where exfoliating can actually help your skin stay protected. It helps new skin cells regenerate and allows moisturizers to really sink in, giving you a cleaner, more balanced complexion without irritating your skin. So don’t be afraid to exfoliate – just make sure you’re doing it the right way.


Not all moisturizers are created equal. And when it’s cold out, you need to be extra careful about what you put on your skin. Lightweight serums and moisturizers just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Instead, opt for a super hydrating moisturizer like Naija’s Aloe Vera Natural Moisturizer. It’s a cream formula that’s packed with all sorts of good stuff like Vitamin E and fatty acids from Biodynamic Walnut, Organic Chia Seeds, and Pataua Oil. These ingredients are known for their ability to lock in moisture and fight skin aging, so they’ll be much more effective at keeping your skin happy and healthy during the colder months.

7 reasons why organic beauty product giftset is best for Christmas

  1. They do not trigger allergies: Many people are allergic to the chemicals present in non-organic products, which can cause irritation, breakouts, and redness. Instead, organic products work in harmony with the skin.
  2. They are eco-friendly: The production process of conventionally produced beauty products releases a lot of chemicals into the air and water. This, in turn, harm the environment. In contrast, organic beauty products emit minimal chemicals, making them a more sustainable option.
  3. They are luxurious yet affordable: With numerous affordable brands in India offer a range of vegan and cruelty-free products that are both luxurious and reasonably priced. These affordable natural skin care brands can be just as effective as chemical-based products and may even produce better results.
  4. They are free of harmful toxins: Paraben, a synthetic hormone, is used as a preservative in conventionally manufactured beauty products to extend their shelf life. Contrastingly, organic products use natural preservatives that do not disrupt the body’s normal functioning.
  5. They are nutrient-rich: Natural skin care products are made from nutrient-dense natural substances that are beneficial for both health and skin. Organic skin care products made with ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint, and shea butter are high in vitamins and antioxidants and can help to heal skin problems and prevent early signs of aging.
  6. They are gentle on the skin: Natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, grape seed oil, and essential oils help to prevent toxic chemicals from entering the body. Organic beauty products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and can prevent dryness, itching, and redness even in those with normal skin.
  7. They give long-lasting results: Organic plants have been shown to have higher levels of antioxidant vitamins than non-organic plants. Organic and natural skin care products contain ingredients that protect the skin from free radical damage and maintain its elasticity, leading to longer and better results.

The bottom line

In conclusion, the Naija organic beauty product gift set is a fantastic choice this Christmas if you want your loved ones to have access to natural and effective skincare solutions. Made with high-quality, organic ingredients sourced from the Himalayas and other remote parts of India, these products are not only nourishing for the skin but also support local farmers and businesses. Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, the Naija gift set is sure to provide a luxurious and enjoyable skincare experience.

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