Organic Body Lotions From Naija Can Work Wonders For Your Skin


The best organic body lotion can keep your skin hydrated, repair skin damage, and maintain protective layers. Read to know more. 

Certified organic skin care products in India use naturally grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers, they don’t leave a harmful footprint on the planet, particularly the soil, water, and air. Apart from the benefits By using organic products, you’re helping to minimize your environmental impact and also, support the sustainability of our environment.

Winter has high air humidity which leads to the generation of muscle strain & dew on your skin surface. Body lotions can provide protection for your skin from dehydration & make the application of sun creams to the body easier.

Naija Organics, the best natural skincare product brand, represents natural healing and signifies the prominence of spiritual and historical knowledge. The brand efficiently persists in the historic culture, enhancing human optimism & ensuring to maintain harmony & avoid the disruption of human beliefs.

The Two-Body Lotions That You Can Choose From This Brand This Winter Is

Moisturizing is one important skin care routine that is needed to combat dryness. Aside from the usual norms of diet and hydration in order to prevent skin dryness, moisturizing is also a key element. Even though we are used to the drying and damaging effects of the hot and humid weather, moisturizing is a must. 

Green Apple Body Lotion For Skin Strengthening And Brightening: 

A rich and luxuriant formulation with the goodness of Green Apple extracts that enriches the skin and also keeps it moisturized. It helps build up the skin structurally and works like a charm in restoring the skin’s healthy glow. Naija Green Apple Brightening body lotion Enriched with Organic olive oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E & Green apple extracts.

This ecocert cosmos certified organic body lotion has the following benefits:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Rich in Vitamin E and C
  3. Promotes cellular regeneration
  4. Helps in retaining moisture
  5. Arrests aging

Lavender And Neroli Skin Restoring And Nourishing Body Lotion: 

A natural Naija best organic body lotion formulated with the wholesome benefits of Lavender and also Neroli that helps restore your skin’s youthful appearance leaving it young and radiant. Organic Lavender and Neroli Body Lotion Enriched with Organic olive oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Bitter orange oil & Lavender essential oil.

This nourishing body lotion can be most useful in the following ways:

  1. This daytime lotion strongly hydrates sleek skin.
  2. It shields the skin from the hurtful impacts of UVA/UVB radiation.
  3. Liberated from synthetic substances, parabens, and petrochemicals.
  4. Eco-accommodating bundling.

You can browse through Naija’s website to choose the best organic shampoos and also conditioners for your hair. You can avail of their best offer on all their products as well.

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