Neem serves as an efficacious agent against various skin ailments that cleans impurities and penetrates deep within the skin to heal severe dryness leaving it glowing and hydrated.The vitamin E present in the neem acts as an emollient and helps improve skin elasticity and rejuvenates skin cells.The Nimbidin and Nimbin present in neem are potent antimicrobials that remove bacteria from skin surfaces and also combat acne breakouts. It also acts as a natural antiseptic.

Neem exhibits antioxidant properties which protects the skin effects of free radicals and slows down the ageing process of your skin as it has regenerative properties. The anti-bacterial and anti-septic nature of Neem also helps prevent breakouts and assist in removal of dead skin cells. Neem contains fatty acids (EFA) and high content of Vitamin E that exhibits astringent properties that reduces the sagging and wrinkling of skin, fine lines and other visible signs of aging. It contains other skin beneficial compounds like limonoids, triglycerides and calcium. Neem has amazing moisturizing and retentive properties. It can easily penetrate the layers of skin making it effective in healing dry skin without making it too oily , striking that perfect balance.

Products Made From Neem