Make Your Holi Promising: Indulge In Self Grooming Products


You need to put all your focus Holi on maintaining a proper skin and hair care routine using certified organic skin care products in India.

The next important thing a woman should take care of after maintaining personal hygiene is to focus on grooming. No, we are not advising you to spend all your hard-earned money on salon treatments. But to look the best version of yourself and maintain the workaholic lifestyle, you should take time out to pamper yourself with affordable skin care products.

Skin regulates body temperature, maintains fluid balance, and controls moisture loss. It also acts as a barrier and shock absorber, recognizes pain sensations to alert us to danger, and protects us against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ecocert Organic cosmos certified products have been trending for quite some time now and people have been switching to natural versions of their favorite beauty products.

At the festival of colors, Holi is just around the corner, you can give yourself and your dear ones the best skin and hair care products from the best organic brand Naija

Here Are Some Options That You Can Select From:

1. Naija Bathing Bliss Combo:

Who does not like a refreshing bath to begin a day or to end a tiring one? We all love it. To make your bath a more nourishing and refreshing one, we suggest you get hold of our bathing bliss combo. Enriched with the goodness of organic ingredients help to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize your skin. 

The Gift Box Contains:

  1. Pomegranate Body wash
  2. Green apple body lotion 
  3. Cocoa butter Mini cream 
  4. Pomegranate and Lime soap

2. Naija Skin Care Essential:

Pamper your skin with the goodness of the best organic soaps & body wash in India. These luxurious products are gentle on your skin, but still, effectively clean away the dirt and retain moisture. Also, you can experience the goodness of tea tree cream and oil that are effective in curing sensitive skin.

This Gift Box Contains:

  1. 100gm Lemongrass Soap
  2. 50ml Saffron Lemon Face Wash
  3. 50ml Green Apple Body Lotion
  4. 15 gm Aloe Vera Tea Tree Cream
  5. 10ml Essential Tea Tree Oil

3. Naija Mini Self Care Combo:

If you are a bit in doubt whether all the products will be a good choice for your skin or not, we suggest you fret not. Why? Because we at Naija Organics have our mini combo set to offer. You get to try out the smaller portion that has the exact same composition as the full range of natural skin care products

This Combo Box Contains:

  1. Neem Turmeric Mini Facewash
  2. Oudh & Green Tea mini Body wash
  3. Green apple mini body lotion
  4. Cocoa butter Mini cream
  5. Aloe Vera & mint Soap


Personal care is important and a little pampering is never too wrong. You can shop for organic face cleansers, hair conditions, shampoos, body lotions, and all other Skin care products from Naija. You can check out our website http://naijaorganic.com/ or you can also shop from Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Vanity Wagon

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