Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

skin dry

Often, we confuse between dry and dehydrated skin. We use both these terms synonymously and unconsciously. But, it is not a correct practice and there is a huge difference between both.

Sometimes, when you feel that your skin is dry, it might actually be dehydrated. Everyone has a different skin type and acquires different skin conditions according to that. Skin type is fixed since you are born and the effect of your surroundings and lifestyle are manifested on that skin type. It could be dry or oily.

However, a skin condition is something that is developed due to temporary changes in the local environment of the skin, your hormones, the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get or if there is stress in your life. It could be temporary and short-lived or could last for several years before fading away forever. For instance, acne, irritation, eczema, spots etc. This could happen with anyone and does not need a definite age or time to occur.

A person born with dry skin lacks oil naturally and the condition is applicable to all the body parts like hands, legs or scalp. In such cases, one is in constant need of lotions and moisturizers that are easily absorbed into the skin. Such people must use oil-based products at all times and also keep natural ingredients a part of one’s treatment regime.e th

On the other hand, when a person has dehydrated skin, it means that his/her skin lacks water which could be due to various reasons such as make-up, diet, wrong product use, weather etc. So, the skin tends to produce more oil to make up for the shortage of water. Such skin could be
an easy target for breakouts, irritation and skin patches. So, it could be misguiding us, making the skin feel oily and dehydrated at the same time.

In order to rectify this condition, one must identify the causes behind it, and use products like skin hydrating boosters and masks that help balance the moisture of the skin. Even toners aid in keeping the skin hydrated. So, below we have summed up the symptoms of both dry and dehydrated skin, highlighting the symptoms that overlap both. This might help you identify your actual skin type and stay away from myths that mislead.

some of the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin:

Lacks sebum (oil)FlakyLacks water
Is a natural skin condition by birthItchyCan be experienced by anyone
Feels dry all over including hands and on scalpSensitiveCan feel oily and dry simultaneously
Is more susceptible to pre-mature ageingTightMay experience breakouts
Constantly needs moisturizer, especially in wintersDullComes and goes based on diet, environment, incorrect product use etc
Needs oil-rich productsNeeds water-rich products

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