Here’s How You Can Find The Right Organic Soap For Your Skin!


Do you also keep searching for the best organic soap in India based on your skin type? Then, read this blog and know how the steps to select the right organic soap.

The use of natural skin care products is common not only in body washes or face washes but also in soaps. We usually start our day with soaps. Hence, make sure to choose the right one. Given below are some essential tips that can help you. 

Best Soaps According To Your Skin Type

1. Normal Skin

In normal skin, we can find sebum production in the Goldilocks zone. The production is not too much and neither too little. Hence, the right soap with organic skin care products in India can maintain the ideal balance. Naija’s creamy and naturally fragrant orange skin radiant soap gently eliminates impurities. Along with orange it also has natural vitamin E and glycerine. It makes your normal skin glow like never before. 

2. Oily Skin 

The aim of cleansing oily skin is to look for a formula that removes impurities and oil. Since oily skin is prone to oil accumulation, ensure to use a natural soap. Check out Neem and Tulsi purifying soap from Naija Organic. They are rich in Ecocert organic cosmos certified ingredients like neem, tulsi and Vitamin E. It has the most potent herbs of nature that cleanse your skin and detoxify it. 

3. Dry Skin 

Dry skin is not only irritating but also prone to early signs of ageing. For such skin types, a soap that reduces itchiness, as well as tightness, will be perfect. Natural hydration ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera or cocoa butter can help you soothe your dry skin. If you trust Naija to heal your dry, cracked skin, then you can opt for their rose organic soap

Rose in this soap provides fragrance while glycerine acts as a natural cleanser. It is also a good emollient that smoothes our dry skin. 

4. Sensitive Skin

When it comes to selecting the most optimum sensitive skin soap, make sure to go for gentle formulas. A lot of dermatologists are of the opinion that bar soaps are ideally better for sensitive skin types. Liquid cleansers have a tendency to leave a film on our skin that inadvertently clogs pores. It can also be a great idea to search for mild exfoliators and gentle ingredients. 


The most assorted range of certified organic skin care products in India awaits you. Contact Naija Organic if you want to choose from a wide range of natural ingredients. Their affordable skin care products in India make it very popular. So, what are you waiting for?

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