This Is How To Make Your Skin Summer-Ready! Super Skin Care Tips


We all know how harsh the sun can be on our skin during the hot months. But not anymore with the right skin care products in India. Read more to gain insight.

The harmful UV radiation from the sun can take a toll on our skin. Get ready to assemble your favourite Ecocert organic cosmos certified products this summer. Because we want to beat the heat and keep our skin young forever. 

5 Tips To Rejuvenate Your Skin During Summers 

1. Gently clean the skin

Make sure to go easy but never skin your skincare routine. It is necessary that you tweak your skin as per the new weather conditions such as humidity and heat. For example, using heavier, oil-based cleansers can stick to your skin for a long. Light cleansers like a neem & turmeric face wash can be its best friend during the summers. 

2. Never skip the moisturizer 

On the other hand, it is crucial that you moisturize your skin regularly. We often skin the moisturizer because we tend to get more sweaty and oily during summers. However, this helps our skin in no way at all. In fact, it keeps making it worse. After using an organic face cleanser, apply a thin layer of your favourite moisturizer. Some people use an organic night cream to have an additional effect. 

3. Sunscreen is a must

During the hot season, sunscreen is your best friend.  UV Rays are stronger when the days are longer. A good sunscreen rich in natural skin care products not only minimizes UV damage but also reduces wrinkles and spots. Most significantly, it reduces the risk of skin precancers and cancers. You must always apply it even on cloudy days when the sun is hardly visible. 

4. Exfoliate Vigorously 

The key to preventing any nasty breakout during the hot months is to exfoliate properly. Gentle exfoliation acts like a life-saver. People who stay out all day have a greater chance of getting acne and pimples. For them, exfoliation will do wonders that no other product can ever do. 

5. Hydrate Extensively 

For summers, swap your foundation with a tinted moisturizer or a dab of concealer. Switch to your waterproof moisturizer during excessively sweaty days. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the labels and opt for non-comedogenic ingredients. They are usually formulated without ingredients that can clog pores. 


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