Face Washing Mistakes

Face Washing Mistakes

We all love washing our facial skin and spending those few minutes in front of the mirror with our favorite and wisely chosen cleanser when we face washing, being content that it is the best for our skin. Massaging gently and pampering those pores after a long day seems relaxing and therapeutic. But, then there are a few things we are ignorant of.

There are certain face-washing mistakes we all do—

Right washing-

Sometimes, aiming to make the skin cleaner and fresher, we overdo the process. We must make sure that we wash our face for a minute at the max and not more than that. Also, washing our face twice a day is enough. One must use gentle strokes during washing and rinse the skin off completely with clean water to ensure proper exfoliation.

Water heat-

One must not use either too cold or too hot water for cleaning the face. Using slightly warm water enhances the cleansing process. It relaxes your skin and helps get rid of the excess oils and dirt accumulated in the pores. Hence, one gets a feeling that the pores are open that enables the skin to breathe better.


One might think that in order to clear the skin of any left-over dirt or oil, rubbing it harshly while drying could help. However, this is not right. One must pat the skin gently with a dry towel and prevent irritation. Also, the towel must be clean and soft.

An appropriate cleanser-

Avoid a cleanser that makes your skin squeaky dry after a wash as it sweeps your skin off of the natural oils needed to keep the skin nourished and moisturized. Excessive dry skin can lead to more oil production making the skin more oily than usual which we do not want. Hence, you should choose your cleanser wisely depending on your skin type.

Clean hands-

The most important thing to keep in mind while washing your face is the cleanliness of your hands. Since hands are the only parts involved in face cleaning, one must make sure that they are absolutely clean and free from any sort of chemicals, dirt or toxins. Otherwise, they may transfer the respective substance to the pores of the skin while rubbing or massaging.

Moisturizing after wash-

Since hydration of skin is important for its health; one must use an appropriate moisturizer after cleaning your face. This ensures that the required amount of moisture is retained and the skin doesn’t crack due to dryness.

Make-up removal-

The application of certain beauty products obstructs the pores and covers the outer layer of skin with chemicals. Hence, for effective cleaning, it is important that the make-up is removed first with an appropriate remover so that the cleanser can reach the skin’s layer and pores, helping it get rid of the unwanted substances.

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