Complete Skin Care Products That Every Girl Must Have In Her Arsenal


For our skin, less is more. Ditch unnecessary addition to your skincare regime and add the following certified organic skin care products in India. Read more.

Don’t we all love to take care of our skin? From home remedies to beauty products, we only choose what’s best for it. But, how do we know the difference between excess and essential skin care products in India? Get the answer here. 

Top 5 Essential Skin Care Products That You’re Yet To Own

1. Organic Face Cleanser

The first on the list is an organic face wash. Because our skin does not deserve the harshness of chemical products. Settle for an oil-free face wash like the neem & turmeric face wash. Not only it will cleanse your face but will also give you relief from the everyday stress. Find the best face wash for dry and oily skin at Naija Organic. 

2. Natural Creams 

Creams add a moisturization to our skin. If you tend to go out daily and your skin has to face all the hustle-bustle, then a good face cream is important. Shop Naija’s organic cocoa butter cream if you have dry skin. People with oily skin can opt for their aloe vera and tea tree oil cream. Both these creams are affordable and consist of natural ingredients. 

3. Organic Night Cream

Just like the moisturizers we use during the day, our skin needs equal moisturisation at night. Since night creams are usually thicker than their daytime counterparts, they tend to boost cell turnover. Moreover, moisturizers like Naija’s Sandalwood-saffron Skin Rejuvenating organic night cream leave our skin supple and soft in the morning. 

4. Natural Soap/ Body Wash

Our body is as important as our face. Taking care of it is also critical if we want a clear complexion. People who are fond of soaps can choose Naija’s orange skin radiant soap. It is the best organic soap in India. On the other hand, if you use body washes, opt for organic pomegranate body wash. It is also the best organic body wash in India.

5. Body Lotion

Finally, a good body lotion deserves a place in your arsenal. Get the best organic body lotion range exclusively at Naija Organic. Natural ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, green apple and lavender take essential care of our skin. 


Now, bask in the glory of natural skin care products with Naija Organic. They are a leading name when it comes to offering cruelty-free and paraben-free skin care products. Order now today if you want to gain access to affordable skin care products in India. Naija products are also available at Nykaa

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