Ayurvedic Vs Organic: The Best Products For Healthy Hair


The debate between Ayurvedic and organic products has been going on for a long time. In this blog, understand which is best for you and buy affordable hair products in India.

With the wedding season knocking on the doors, we are sure you are planning to style your hair to look your best. But do you think dry and damaged hair is fit for styling? Do you not wish for gorgeous, thick, shiny black hair? If your answer is yes, we suggest you leave aside all the harmful, chemical-induced shampoos and conditioners. Many such products available in the market contain chemicals like parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which can lead to health concerns down the road. SLS is a surfactant used as a foaming agent in many hygiene and cleaning products. These toxins cause severe health and skin disorders. So,  embrace natural hair care products in India

Understanding The Difference Between Ayurvedic And Organic Shampoos

1. Ayurvedic Hair Care Products

Ayurveda is the proto-science for the future. Ayurveda helps heal the human body without any side effects and by using all naturally growing plants and herbs. Ayurvedic shampoos work as a natural remedy to strengthen your hair follicles and hydrate the mane. 

Pros Of Ayurvedic Shampoos:

  • It restores the health of the hair and makes it look shiny, bouncy, and lustrous.
  • It also prevents greying, hair loss, and flaky scalp.
  • Also, it gently cleanses the scalp without stripping off the natural oils.

2. Organic Hair Care Products

The word organic simply means produce which is grown in a traditional and non-invasive manner. Organic hair shampoos for hair loss and conditioners utilizes the use of authentic farming methods and no use of chemical fertilizers. 

Pros Of Organic Shampoos:

  • It helps get rid of dirt and oil residue from the scalp without wiping off the moisture present in the strands.
  • It doesn’t interfere with natural alkaline levels and maintains the pH level.
  • Also, it won’t cause any irritation, side effects, or allergies.

While looking out for the best organic hair shampoos available in the market, you can trust Naija Organics. From procurement of the ingredients to final packaging, the brand focuses on eco-friendly and stringent quality control processes to ensure there is no chemical use. 

An Ayurvedic product suits someone who feels the need to discipline their life with the good old Indian style of living. On the other hand, Ecocert cosmos certified organic products are best for someone with very sensitive skin, and wants to adopt an environmentally conscious approach. 

You can browse through Naija’s website to choose the best organic shampoos and conditioners for your hair. You can avail of their Christmas offer-25% off on all their products as well.

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