Benefits of Tea Tree Oil (TTO) on skin and hair

tea tree oil

Tea tree gel/oil is a well-reckoned ingredient in the cosmetic industry that finds varied applications in skincare as well as hair care. It is an essential oil extracted primarily from the leaves of Melaleuca alternefolia, a native Australian tree. Active Phytoconstituents: Tea Tree Oil is comprised of terpene hydrocarbons, mainly monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and other associated […]

Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

skin dry

Often, we confuse between dry and dehydrated skin. We use both these terms synonymously and unconsciously. But, it is not a correct practice and there is a huge difference between both. Sometimes, when you feel that your skin is dry, it might actually be dehydrated. Everyone has a different skin type and acquires different skin […]

The Right Order to Apply Skincare Products

skincare products

We all love our skin and we wish to give them the best treatment possible, be it a home remedy or skincare products. We choose them wisely and often pay hefty amounts to them to ensure quality. But, a small mistake of ours can ruin the entire treatment regime. Thus, the right action should be […]

The Best Brightening Herbs


In the wilderness, Mother Nature has many such hidden jewels that nourish the skin and bring back its natural glow. Traditionally, impurities in blood were considered to be the reason behind skin concerns and so the focus was to detoxify the blood with the help of naturally occurring herbs. Sometimes, minor disorders in the body’s […]

Face Washing Mistakes

face washing

We all love washing our facial skin and spending those few minutes in front of the mirror with our favorite and wisely chosen cleanser when we face washing, being content that it is the best for our skin. Massaging gently and pampering those pores after a long day seems relaxing and therapeutic. But, then there […]

How to pick the right skincare ingredients for your skin type

skin type for right skincare

A skin concern becomes an issue when you are not able to resolve it with the everyday shelf products you use or you are unable to decipher how to address it. So, the first step in any skin treatment regime is to determine your skin type. Whether it is normal, oily, dry, or sensitive, one […]


Green Living

Green living is basically adopting nature’s culture and reducing the negative impact and progressing individually and also upholding the traditional ethics. Adopting nature’s culture and modifying our living methodology, maybe home, office, or any of our zones. It’s all about how we start the practices and how we dispose of the unwanted. To be precise, […]


Organic Lifestyle

Who wouldn’t choose over the natural beauty(organic lifestyle)? The naturality attained from the organic ingredients would not only enhance and upgrade your beauty naturally but also aid your skin forever! How would it sound you being a role model for the rest, owning the genuine beauty, and enriching the thoughts of everyone around you and […]



Skin also requires some evident rundowns that would help you maintain and nourish your skin in a unique way as you are! We look up to the glow and naturality-oriented concepts that would not only enhance your beauty organically but also nourish the beauty naturally. The beauty trend is a never-ending journey and the beauty […]