The Natural Touch

In this generation where beauty is the gained attention, of course exceptionally, has taken various dimensions and upgrades over time. Amidst these fixes and developed techniques that could be chemically aided, we the team “Naija Organic Cosmetics” choose the path that is totally focusing on optimal care and nurture! With rigorous researches and dedication, we have come up with various offerings and intend to achieve healthy approaches for skin, hair, and beauty care. We focus on upbringing your beauty healthily using natural herbs and ingredients, treating it from within, and ensuring no harmful side effects. Let’s Aid ourselves with natural ingredients which efficiently embrace our skin health than defacing it with chemically oriented products, hence diminishing the usage of conventional cosmetics that would trigger the exhaustion of beauty and health. The right time to utilize the righteous approach where we, Naija Organic Cosmetics ensure a promising and effectively safe approach that would be against radiation, pollution, and toxicity! We beautifully sustain and administer the Vedic culture which improvises one’s wisdom and potential within!

“ A promising, secure and righteous approach to nourishing beauty ”

The main agenda is obtaining the ingredients directly from the organic farm which are scientifically proved and comprise skincare benefits. These worthwhile benefits that would persist for the long term are achieved by the eco-friendly procedures which are highly regulated as well as monitored vigorously. Our products are a combination of scientific knowledge and ethics which are designed and developed meeting the quality standards. Our manufacturing plant Prakruti Products Pvt Ltd is certified with ISO 9001:20015, Organic certified by NPOP, GMP certified by AYUSH and ECOCERT for utilizing 95% natural ingredients, signifying the absence of harsh chemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrance, parabens, animal fats, etc.

Naija Organics ensures to offer the products which are free of:​


Sulfates & Parabens Free

The cleansing agents are obtained by natural and organic plant derived ingredients, which being gentle on the skin and free from unessential sulfates. The COSMOS approved preservatives are used, where in the Parabens which are highly controversial are not utilized.

Synthetic Fragrances and colors Free

Naija Organics avails only natural oils and scents, which inherit natural color.


GMO’s Free & Glycols, Silicones Free: (Alcohol Free)

Naija Organics does not incorporate Genetically Modified Organisms. Naija employs naturally derived botanical oils and glycerin replacing glycol-based ingredients that inhibits the products from drying. The usage of Silicones which are not so skin friendly is abandoned, and instead organic oil-based esters and butters are used to attain smooth-silky texture

Mineral Oil & Petrochemicals(Paraffin, Petroleum) Free

Naija Organics prohibits the usage of petroleum based substances due its destructing and damaging effects on skin. Naija also hinders the usage of Mineral oils and uses only naturally derived waxes


Animal Derived Ingredients Free

Naija products are stated as Vegan.

Chemicals Free

Naija eliminates the usage of chemical based solvents and uses only pure essential oils that adds mild fragrance and enhances skin welfare.Naija prohibits ethoxylated ingredients as it induces irritation and could contain carcinogens.We use naturally derived preservatives.Citric acid and Lactic acid is used as pH adjusting agents instead of Triethanolamine which is deemed to be toxic. Naija employs plant oils and sugar derived foaming agents and fatty acids as the safest approach,dismissing the usage of Diethanolamine.